Protect your Web Application with Cloudflare

In these days, there is increased threat towards web applications that seems to be coming from just about all directions. At times, this could be stemming from the fact that your web application is in high demand and as such, is unable to meet their expectations and even give in to this kind of strain. In other situations, the threat could be simply from attackers that leverage distributed compute resources to throw a distributed attack on your infrastructure and render it cripple for a couple of hours. This would then deem your web application unable to deliver any services leading to reduced response from the customers.

To avoid such attacks from getting to your web application infrastructure and bringing it down, CloudFlare comes in as a handy middle man. It filters and regulates the traffic that is coming into your servers to weed out any illegal traffic or malware-laden requests that are seeking to fish information from your databases. Built to act as a firewall against internet bots, the intermediary often requires that any signs of suspicious web activity are met with tact, and appropriate verification put into place to keep these bots at bay.

Monitoring traffic headed towards your web application also ensures that you can handle what is coming your way by distributing your resources evenly which in turn goes towards giving your customers the best kind of services. In case there are out of norm patterns that seem to be random and sporadic, the CloudFlare platform will carefully study this patterns and separate them from the legitimate traffic headed your way to relieve you of the burden of having to handle requests that are merely aimed at rendering your servers crippled.

Several benefits come as a result of keeping your web applications adequately protected such as the fact that you will be in a better position to handle more requests and more massive traffic without servers giving in. There will also be increased customer confidentiality because they will trust you more when they know that their information is protected while it is in transit and when it arrive at your servers. Better service provision will also lead to an improved relationship with your customers which is the basis for a long-lasting and fulfilling career.

The best web application firewall, CloudFlare keeps your resources from getting overused when there are too many requests coming in from different sources, and by the fact that the application can filter the traffic headed your way, legitimate customers will be able to gain access to such services while bots and malware get locked out. In other words, you will be keeping the bad guys out while still staying in top form when it comes to rendering services to your customers. As such, your brand will be able to stay afloat even in the face of massive cyber attacks as these will flow off your network like water off a duck back. Cloud Flare also provides a basic Content Delivery Network (CDN) with the free plan along with basic protection for a Web application like WordPress, Joomla, etc.It also includes page rules, Firewall, Page Rules, Analytics and integration with external apps like Sitelock, Codeguard, Snapengage, etc.With 20$ a month you get advanced Web application firewall with pre-written rulesets for keeping the popular CMS’S like WordPress, Joomla, magneto from hackers.

We at Olexor Technologies (The Top notch Cloud Security Service Provider in Qatar, India and USA) encourage our customers to migrate their DNS servers to CloudFlare to be able to leverage the security and caching benefits that CloudFlare has to offer.Cloud Security Service Provider